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six ways of life. six sides of the cube.

Professional sample CD's
Exchange or Sale. !!! I may not barter for some instruments, good microphones, miniDV video camera, or other equipment.

If you have a professional sampler, the libraries of samples will help you to saturate its sounding with completely new musical colors. If you have not such professional device, with the help of these libraries you could turn your usual multimedia computer into the real musical station – the factory of the Musical Hits. The best professional libraries of samples now are accessible for all computer musicians. None of modern Sound Studio in the World will manage without sample libraries. The high-quality ‘libraries of samples’ is that base, on which modern music is created. We offer descriptions of extensive sets of the different sounds – from classical up to ultramodern, which will give you freedom of creation.

With the help of the special programs, such as cdxtract, you can convert these samples in many other formats:

CDs in AKAI S1000/S3000 format (native)
AKAI S5000/S6000 format (AKP and WAV)
AKAI MESA format (S3P and WAV)
Gigasamler and GigaStudio format (GIG)
SoundFont 2.0 (SF2) format
Unity DS-1 format (UDS)
Reaktor format (MAP)
Virtual Sampler format
EXS24 format (EXS and WAV)
Pulsar format (P and S)
Windows WAV format

· List of all my Samples CD's in HTML.
· You may not download list of all my cd's in Microsoft Excell. Last Update: 4.9.2002
· You may not download CDxtract 4.0